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This is my first sport bike in @ 14 years....
Around 2002 I passed the old lady at a high rate of speed on the highway (ok...over 150). When we got home she had a fit. We have 4 kids and back then they were 6, 8, 11, and 12. She said "You're not leaving me with small kids...you're selling that bike" A few years later (and much much whining) she 'let' me get a new 2006 Vstar. I quickly figured out cruiser bikes aren't for me but the old lady was happy.
First week of April 2016 my youngest turned 20. I no longer had teenagers. I LITERALLY took a morning off from work and sat/test drove several bikes. I don't know if I got old but $20K USD for an R1 was crazy. Even at $14k the R6 was not something I wanted. I 'think' I paid $6495 for my R1 in late 1997. That thing was a monster....it ruled the speed and looks department. Unfortunately, it was NOT a comfortable bike to cruise the strip or stop/go into work. In 2000 I sold it for almost what I had in it (R1's were in high demand). I got the new R6 and had a ball on it. Still not the most comfortable for daily driving. I was hit (2x) on the bike but luckily never hurt. By the time I'd pocketed the insurance and fixed the bike myself I was actually in the black on the bike. Sold it and went to the dark side with a series of Ninja and CBR purchases...which led me to 2002 and my punishment.

I wanted something sporty but comfortable. Fast but 150 mph capability is not needed. My leg has shrapnel from a nice middle eastern gentleman...and it tends to be sore more as I get older. Because i'd been riding since the 70's the idea of paying over $10k for anything on two wheels was just out of the picture. It's like these kids who pay $6.95 for a cup of coffee. Long story but I fell in love with the 300 series bikes. Honda is hands down the lightest and thinnest but with a mini-bike engine and no way to pull any more power it was off the list. The Ninja 300 was very good (I'd had a Ninja 250 eons ago) but local dealer was an ass and wouldn't deal even on old stock. Local Yamaha dealer was very cool and literally did everything once I said I wanted it....very good experience.

And here we are now....
2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 (Blue)


Vagabond Rear Fender Delete
TST Crash Protection Pack
Womotec Fork, Swingarm, and frame sliders.
Womotec Bar Ends
Yoshimura Y-Series Slip on (R3 version)
Domotiv Mirror extensions with camera mount
Ching-Shing Chinese laser cut radiator guard (when it gets here in 8 weeks)



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