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  1. Norton Motorsports
    How much power does the R3 / MT-03 make? This is the most extensive Yamaha R3 exhaust and Superbike build information you’ll find anywhere! Read on! It’s been a couple years since I first released my article on the Yamaha R3’s power and some of the available exhaust systems. But a lot has...
  2. R3 Parts and Accessories
    So, i tried google but haven't found an answer specifically for the r3. Im looking to get a PC for my 2016 r3 since i love this bike and have absolutely no plans to sell it. Its a perfect in the city bike, and iv got a bigger bike if i want to go far on long trips. As well as the fact that iv...
  3. Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    Update 05 Feb 2021: I just got done with my nth editing pass; there was a lot of fluff material that I've removed, and I attempted to rewrite some sections. Use this information at your own risk. I'm novice and my research is web-based. Navigation Go to Next Post Table of Contents Stock...
1-3 of 3 Results