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  1. Electronics
    for reference I attached video please watch it in full volume. bike is having starting issues, starter motor is spinning but bike is not cranking up. Help me guys🙏😭
  2. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    Hello guys..got a little bit of problem with my bike ..this noise has bothering me lately..i've asked many r25/r3 user but this problem never happen to them..sometime the noise came up sometimes not..when i rev the throttle a little bit, the cricket noise is gone..and i wonder if any of you guys...
  3. Yamaha YZF-R3 News
    Hey, I just bought a brand new R3 about 4 months ago now and started learning on it and i dropped it once on the shifter after stalling on a small hill on start, since then ive heard squeaking on hard brakes on the highway and felt vibrations of it on the rear brake pedal when the front...
  4. Oil and Lube
    Hi guys, first post here. My 2015 Yamaha R3 is at just over 28,000kms. I did an oil change at 25,000kms at the regular interval (so done around 3,000kms on this oil). I changed the filter as well, so I added 2.1 litres of 10W40 fully synthetic oil to the engine as I have done every other...
  5. Engine
    So my bike has 4000kms and I just finished an oil change. Also added a new chain and sprockets. Bike rides fine and sounds good, but after it warms up on a 5/3 min quick ride up and down the road. I see a medium amount of smoke coming from the lower backside of the engine for about 5 mins (temps...
1-5 of 5 Results