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  1. What’s the loudest full exhaust for the r3?

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    Please link any videos and pictures. Much appreciated!
  2. Purchased 2017 r3 from friend - custom exhaust is too loud! How do I make it quieter?

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    Hey everyone. First time posting here. Don’t know where else to go for this. Long story short I purchased a 2017 R3 from my buddy and I was stoked when I first rode it, it’s super loud and I guess at first I thought it was cool until a few rides later when my ears were ringing and I couldn’t...
  3. WTB Slip on exhaust

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    Looking for a used slip on exhaust, as I don't want to spend north of 250 for a brand new one. I live in California.
  4. Best Power Package

    Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    Hey guys, I’m sure one or some of you have scoured the internet to find the best exhaust (highest hp), best air box mods, etc. What are they? Is anyone selling something used? Looking for reasonable priced used stuff to put on the girlfriends 2015 she just got. Thanks in advance
  5. Putting on a full exhaust. What next?

    Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    Hello everyone! I recently got an akrapovic full exhaust system for my first bike (r3) and a k&n high flow air filter. My question is whats next because i have heard so much talk about tuning after and you need power commanders or ecu flashes, running rich, running lean. Basically if anyone...
  6. Exhaust crack repair ?

    Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    Hi all, whilst cleaning my r3 today I have noticed a crack in my exhaust.I have a akrapovik full system as far as I can see, and the crack is about 6inches down from the outlets.There is a small cross section piece that joins the 2 down pipes together.was hoping this can be welded is this...
  7. Yamaha R3 2019

    What Did You Do To Your Yamaha R3 Today?
    Hello it's been a year since u bought my 1st Motorcycle Yamaha R3 2019 and I want to know if there's any Racing Kit or some thing to give more power to the bike, Im from Mexico and I really dont know which kind of cool modifications can i make like the exhaust , I have everything from factory...