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  1. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    Hey, very new, but I'm planning on getting an r3 for a commuter, but that's only because the r6 is too big for my interest. In terms of aesthetics though, the r6 is superior in my opinion. I've been searching for a couple hours honestly and nobody's seemed to ask this question or attempted it...
  2. R3 Appearance & Body
    Looking for anyone who has any experience or reviews of aftermarket fairings kits? Looking at getting a set from Monster Fairing, not sure if it’s worth the money or to just get a set straight from China.
  3. R3 Appearance & Body
    Hey everyone, guy backed out and knocked my week old 2020 black r3 down. Found him (thank god) and he's ready to pay. I need help identifying which parts I need to replace specifically, I checked partzilla but I literally cannot tell what the part is because there aren't any images for the...
  4. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    Hello everyone! My Yamaha dealer is quite distant from my town, so I'm asking my question here. Are the 2019/20 model fairings compatible with the previous 2017/18 model? Thank you for your answers!
  5. Yamaha R3 Parts For sale
    I laid down my bike today and need right side fairings. Please let me know if you have any or know where i can get some at a reasonable price...
1-5 of 5 Results