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  1. R3 Appearance & Body
    Hi guys, I'm new to the group and this is my first post. I've seen videos on YouTube of people applying gold foil wrap to their black forks to give them the nice gold look. Have any of you tried this or seen it done before? I have a hard time imagining any foil staying on very well but I'd be...
  2. R3 Appearance & Body
    I want to paint my rims to match my forks, does anyone know the color code for the forks? 2019 matte black R3 Thanks
  3. Suspension
    Hey guys, so I picked up my R3 after big service according to a service manual. However, I noticed that front forks oil hasn't been changed (Yamaha guys probably didn't bother doing it since it works "ok"). Now, I want to change the oil myself, although mechanically speaking I don't really feel...
1-3 of 3 Results