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  1. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    I recently changed my front turn signals into flush ones (2 wires not 3 because there's no running light) and installed a fender eliminator and now my tail light including break light does not work. I also do not have rear turn signals at the moment as I'm not riding the bike right now so there...
  2. R3 Parts and Accessories
    So, i tried google but haven't found an answer specifically for the r3. Im looking to get a PC for my 2016 r3 since i love this bike and have absolutely no plans to sell it. Its a perfect in the city bike, and iv got a bigger bike if i want to go far on long trips. As well as the fact that iv...
  3. Exhaust & Fuel Delivery
    I have the 2020 model and I bought the Mivv Double Gun. I have problems with installing it. Does anyone know what I can do or had any similar problems? If so, feel free to help me.
  4. Electronics
    Hey everyone I’ve had my R3 since the first model year it was released. Unfortunately not being able to store it properly took a toll on the rubber on the turn signals. I ordered some LEDs (stalk type), a relay and mounting plates. I just took the old leads off the signals and soldered them onto...
  5. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
  6. Engine
    So my bike has 4000kms and I just finished an oil change. Also added a new chain and sprockets. Bike rides fine and sounds good, but after it warms up on a 5/3 min quick ride up and down the road. I see a medium amount of smoke coming from the lower backside of the engine for about 5 mins (temps...
  7. Electronics
    Was wiring up a license plate light the other day and it looked good. This morning when I took my bike out, the tach did the regular start up spin, but after that, it and the speedometer were out of commission. Tach won’t budge and speedo says 0MPH while riding. There’s also an engine light on...
  8. Electronics
    Hello, so I wanna buy the whole TST light kit (TST HyperPack Bundle | Yamaha YZF-R3 2015+). I have a R3 model 2019 and I'm from Europe. After watching the video on how to install I opened my bike to check what kind of Relay I have. Problem is, I can't find it. The way the wires are set up are a...
1-8 of 8 Results