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  1. Electronics
    Hej! I am kind of new to the R3 Ownership and super happy with my blue girl but need some help for the electronics. I am from Germany and there is already the problem with the Relais, because I need instead of a normal 2 pin connector a 2 G-F one. But the question is, I only have one Indictor...
  2. Yamaha R3 How To & DIY
    Hey all, just wondering if anyone can see any problems with the setup That I slapped together today for a DIY hazard light system on my 2015 R3. Basically I bridged the 2 indicator leads and chucked a switch in the middle, so when the switch on the bridging wire is turned on and I activate the...
  3. Electronics
    I bought LED indicators for the front and rear. Installed them without a problem and they flash fine. It's slightly faster flashes but it's only noticeable when compared to a car. I purchased a relay but accidentally ordered the wrong one. So I was unable to install it. Do I need to purchase a...
1-3 of 3 Results