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  1. Introductions
    Hey y'all, My name is Jack and I'm from Fort Worth, Texas and I'm a 20 year old beginner rider. I bought my first bike, the 2021 YZF-R3, back in August of 2021 so I only have a few hundred miles so far. I bought my first three mods and I'm waiting for one more to be delivered so that's what...
  2. New Rider Section
    Good Morning!! Im new to the forum and so to the world of bikes! Im 22 and those days im taking courses over the a2 licence.I consider buying,after taking the licence ,a brand new yamaha r3 2022,would it be ideal as first bike ever ? Is It big for a begginer? Of course i abolutely wouldnt ride...
  3. Oil and Lube
    Hi Everyone, I'm torn about when to do the first oil change. The manual has it listed as part of the 600 mile maintenance, but in the timing interval below it also says "Month 1". I interpret this as whichever comes first. I got the bike at the end of November, so I really only put about 50...
1-3 of 3 Results