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  1. Oil and Lube
    Good day! I was hoping to get some answers to what might be happening to my 2016 r3 bike. When I ride my bike during cold start the oil light turns off after about 5 seconds and I know that is about normal. However after about 5 to 10km of riding or about 20 minutes sitting on heavy traffic the...
  2. Yamaha R3 How To & DIY
    This video shows how to change the oil on a 2017 R3 motorcycle. Best Regards, Dr. Speed Lemon
  3. Oil and Lube
    Hi guys, first post here. My 2015 Yamaha R3 is at just over 28,000kms. I did an oil change at 25,000kms at the regular interval (so done around 3,000kms on this oil). I changed the filter as well, so I added 2.1 litres of 10W40 fully synthetic oil to the engine as I have done every other...
  4. Suspension
    Hey guys, so I picked up my R3 after big service according to a service manual. However, I noticed that front forks oil hasn't been changed (Yamaha guys probably didn't bother doing it since it works "ok"). Now, I want to change the oil myself, although mechanically speaking I don't really feel...
1-4 of 4 Results