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  1. Want to Buy Race Parts

    Yamaha R3 Parts For sale
    Prepping my bike for racing. Still have more to go. Hmu if you have any parts you'd like to let go of. Located in Rhode Island. Most interested in: front forks, rear shock, and performance mods.
  2. Yamaha R3 Parts For sale
    WANTED TO BUY !! Looking to by some OEM salvageable parts for my 2017 Yamaha R3. If you have any of the parts available please message me. Please let me know if you have any or know where i can get some at a reasonable price... I am located in Mississauga, Canada Some of the parts I am...
  3. R3 Parts and Accessories
    Can someone please help me identify this part of the swingarm. Its come off while riding as the wheel wasn't aligned properly and now I need it to readjust the wheel. Its just the cover bit on the swing arm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys :)
  4. R3 Appearance & Body
    Hey everyone, guy backed out and knocked my week old 2020 black r3 down. Found him (thank god) and he's ready to pay. I need help identifying which parts I need to replace specifically, I checked partzilla but I literally cannot tell what the part is because there aren't any images for the...
  5. R3 Parts and Accessories
    My shift pedal fell off recently and I need replacement parts. However, I am unable to identify a certain bolt. Please let me know if you can where I can find this bolt, can't seem to find it on Yamaha Parts need the bolt that is associated with part 18, it is of M10 length but i dont know...
1-6 of 6 Results