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  1. Electronics
    2021 R3 Under 2k miles Been riding fine but yesterday the starter was buzzing and I let it sit until the battery died. I let the battery tender fully and when I make any connections to the battery (without the key inserted and the kill switch on) the bike will try to start. If I hit the switch...
  2. Engine
    New rider here. 2k Miles on the bike. After riding for 30 minutes or more my 2020 R3 has trouble starting again for the next couple hours. It seems like the motor is flooded anybody else notice this? Not sure if living at high elevation has anything to do with it? Everything is stock.
  3. Electronics
    Where do i even start. Currently when i start the bike i hear the starter relay make a horrific sound once i try to start it, almost like the relay is sticking. I can get the bike to start after lifting the seat and pulling the relay out of the boot. I would like to mention that the rubber...
1-3 of 3 Results