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  1. Yamaha R3 How To & DIY
    help guys! is this broken? and is the O ring in the right place. My bike keeps revving around 2-3k RPM on idle.and everytime I rev it shows the engine check light also. I have not done any mods or anything it's all stock. any advice would be great. I can't sync the carbs also because it revs too...
  2. Yamaha R3 How To & DIY
    Hello guys does anybody else have the same problem when you connect to the ECU with OBD. since a month ago I changed my engine oil from 20-50 to 10-40 and my r3has been giving problems with power loss. my r3 also dies on idle and I have done almost everything to solve that but it does not work...
  3. Electronics
    for reference I attached video please watch it in full volume. bike is having starting issues, starter motor is spinning but bike is not cranking up. Help me guys🙏😭
  4. Yamaha R3 General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I have been scavenging all over the internet looking for an R3/MT03 catalytic being gutted. I want to see what's inside before I modified mine. Does anybody here had some pictures inside of the stock catalytic converter? Your inputs would be greatly appreciated!
  5. R3 Parts and Accessories
    My shift pedal fell off recently and I need replacement parts. However, I am unable to identify a certain bolt. Please let me know if you can where I can find this bolt, can't seem to find it on Yamaha Parts need the bolt that is associated with part 18, it is of M10 length but i dont know...
  6. R3 Parts and Accessories
    Hey all! Through my learning of dos and don'ts on balancing myself on the bike at stop lights I've managed to test and break the pretty plastic on both sliders on the left and right. Seems as though the sliders are made of disposable one-and-done plastic because they cracked pretty harshly where...
  7. Suspension
    Hey guys, so I picked up my R3 after big service according to a service manual. However, I noticed that front forks oil hasn't been changed (Yamaha guys probably didn't bother doing it since it works "ok"). Now, I want to change the oil myself, although mechanically speaking I don't really feel...
1-9 of 9 Results