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LINK TO IMAGES - East Iowa - $1300 - No title
Operates fine, frame/forks/engine are all good. Wheels have minor scuffs from the previous owner. I purchased to turn it into a track bike, replaced the wiring harness along with any "odd" hardware. Has racing fairing bracket and vortex standard shift pattern rearsets. BMC airfilter, emissions block off, all the other little tidying things to the core bike have been done along with safety wire bolts. Was following CCS supersport rules so there's really nothing wild going on, I've essentially just un-butchured the base bike. Needs a proper ignition switch installed, I removed the last one along with the previous owners poor wiring.

What is in the pictures is what I have.

The price is what it is because I do not have the title and I lost interest, if you do not want the rearsets then I'm willing to come down.

email me - [email protected]
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