My son needed rims for rains for his race bike which I quickly came to find out are almost impossible to find. I did however obtain a crashed bike with good rims on it. The bike looks like it hit or got hit on one side, then lowsided. The fairings are all more or less shot. The two main side pieces seem to only be scratched up, but the nose fairing and tail are pretty much dead. I'll post pics of the bike tomorrow and a video of the engine running. Regarding what's left, all prices are in CAD$, do not include shipping, and I will give priority to anyone that wants to pickup locally. Here's what's available but is by no means a comprehensive list, if there's something needed, message me and I'll check to see if it's available. Bike is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Forks - $300
Engine - $800
Radiator - $80
Gas tank - $40
Fuel pump - $100
2MS Ecu - $100
Dash - $200
Wire harness - $80
Clipons - $20
Triple clamps - $30
Shock - $20
Front caliper/pads - $30
Rear caliper/pads - $25
Throttle bodies/fuel rail - $60
Dash subframe - $40
Rearsets - $40/side

Sold/Not Available
Front/rear rims/rotors/cush/carrier