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These items for sale off a red 2015 Yamaha R3
Would prefer to sell them locally . Philadelphia . NJ/ Maryland
I really despise putting things in boxes and selling them.

$90 Oem exhaust slip on

$50 Passenger Seat no tears

$100 Rearsets - left side shift lever was bent from a low speed tipover, works.

$50 Factory Gas Cap - have keys 2 and ignition (but I drilled out the rivets) not sure if you can re attach to a triple...

$30 Mirrors

$75.00 Stock Clip Ons - weights taken out, and inside thing to use bar end mirrors are still in the tube.

$25.00 Turn signal / high beam low beam . horn switch and clutch switch plug intact. no wires cut

$90 Front Lights

$400 OEM Fairings - a tiny chip on right side white piece, and a scrape on another. Including tank cover everything except the 2 side fairings pieces black plastic below the seat. Included oem red fender also

$40 Stock Seat no tears

$50 Passenger Pegs

$75 Fender Eliminator with stock turn signals , dont know brand

$25 Rear tail light

$1100 total lot if each was purchased seperately.
willing to take less for the whole lot. Cash OBO.

All money will be going right back to offsetting the parts I have already put on the bike, and or more track time. Or new shiny toys for the r3


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