2016 Yamaha YZF-R3.
5045 miles.
Completely stock. Only modification is a battery tender lead.
I bought this bike 2 years ago with just over 3k miles as my first and have loved it.
After my purchase, brought it in for a major dealer service, outstanding recalls, and got new tires for it. I have been adamant about doing regular service during my ownership. Oil changes every year despite low mileage.
Garage Kept.
Mileage may go up as I ride.
Blemishes are as follows (all pictured):
Some key scratches around the ignition
Boot scrape over the pillion seat
About 2" of scuffing on the tank
I am the second owner. First owner was a college kid from a motorcycle family.
I really like the responsiveness and direct feeling on this bike. Power is fine on the highway; at cruising speed it will still out pace any normal car.
Seating position is on the sportier side, but maybe only compared to some other starter bikes.
Test rides with cash in hand.

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