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I got my letter from Yamaha USA yesterday and called to schedule the work today. The service manager was not aware of the recall but called me back in 10 minutes and scheduled the work for the 28th and said they should have it completed that day. I am satisfied so far. I live 40 miles away but I can load the R3 in my cargo van and drop it off.

My Kawasaki Concours 14 has had 4 recalls and My Ducati 1098 a class action lawsuit. Quite a PIA!
I have about the same exact scenario. I called the two best Yamaha dealerships within 20 miles of me; the third is ok, but not nearly as good as the other two. The third dealer has some snotty and obnoxious people that I've dealth with unfortunately.

The first place asked me to email my info and VIN. Then they said they'd get back to me to schedule an appointment. The second dealership, which I have gone to since I was a kid, took my info and said they'd get back to me within 2 weeks or earlier. They're waiting on parts he said. Also, he said I could wait for the bike if I wanted.

That is what everyone needs to remember-every dealer is ordering X amount of recall fix parts and scheduling service appointments on top of everything else they have during the busiest time of year for them-summer. My brother always said to never get a first year model of anything, but what can you do. It was either an R3 or Ninja 300;still glad I got the R3 and couldn't be happier.

There are always issues and mistakes. We should be glad they're being a good company and proactive instead of trying to pretend like it doesn't exist like Takata did with the airbag fiasco. They're having to send out thousands of kits and pay for 2-3 hours of labor for each bike which is probably costing them a pretty penny.

I grew up with dirt bikes and rice rockets so have a great affinity for them though I do like Triumphs, Ducati's, etc. However, I just feel that the Japanese bikes are generally more reliable and less prone to issues. It's analogous to Japanese cars vs American cars, though the latter has improved greatly. There is no data outside of anecdotal evidence. I have a few buds that are Harley snobs and rolls their eyes at the mention of "Jap bikes." To me, their bikes sound like rattle boxes, which is probably the reason their exhaust is so loud. :) Seriously though, I love all bikes and bikers. We are a small subculture and need to promote brotherhood and good riding.
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