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A Moment on a sunday drive..

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My two travle m8´s on there 600cc left me behiend a suv after overtaking a few cars followed bye a good stretch of Full Lines..
so i was stuck for 5-8km taling this suv.. at some point he pulles to the rigt passing the rigt line making space to swoop bye Not crossing the full lines and still good room to spare, so i fly bye him and gives him a Thumb up behiend my back befor join up with my m8´s .. Befor town One is going round and two of us is going throug so we wave off and take the break-away lane into town, my last m8 is going strigt from second lane and i am in the rigt turn lane at the red lights, in between us pulls up the suv, i spot a 5y old girl strapped in the back seat, tipping the wrist (her dad is rolling down the window) for me to rev the bike so i give it a few good once and her face ligts up like a Xmas-tree and she gives me the thumbs up :)

Just a small jolly moment from a sunday drive in Denmark..
Safe riding out there and Njoy :D


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Ha Ha, that's awesome! I remember doing that as kid, I was obsessed with motorcycles at a very young age!
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