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Advanced Rider Training Buyer's Guide

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Again, not a comprehensive list, but I'm sure Forum members will chime in with info on local training courses.

http://www.motorcycle.com/features/...o20150922&utm_term=Motorcycle Now Subscribers
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Many local race orgs, some dealers and even some private outfits offer various versions of ART courses. Prices vary from FREE to as much as $200. Some insurance carriers will lower coverage rates for completion of these courses, some don't. These are not MSF courses - they are geared to riders with a bit of experience and focus on skills that well help you every day (they are usually geared toward improving street and overall riding skills, not race skills - although there is some cross-benefit no matter where you ride).

We have had riders with 20 years' street experience sign up for ours (USBA) - every single one came away amazed at how much they picked up in a one-day course. Worth every penny and the time invested. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any rider, especially new riders - the skills you learn can save your hide, so the sooner you pick them up the better off you will be.

Thanks for posting Fang - you de man!!
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