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advice buying a new R3

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Hey guys.

From Australia here, i want to buy a brand new R3 from the dealer but i have been screwed before when i have bought a car, i try and make a deal with them and they never budge.

Im going to buy it outright and was hoping to maybe score a free helmet or a discounted slip on exhaust.

If anyone has some tips regarding salesmen that would be awesome! I definitely dont want to fork out all that cash finding out i could have saved a bit
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If it's feasible, tell him that you've got cash and other dealers to see about similar bikes. That usually spurs them on to make some kind of deal, probably some money knocked off the price.
Phone round a few dealers tell them you've got cash and ask them for the best price,my mate just got £300 off an MT-07 by doing that.Good luck.
Find the price thats reasonable for both you and the dealer. Remember they need to make money too. Often times people think of a price that doesnt work for both parties and end up thinking that price is the only acceptable price. There is a thread on "how much you paid for your R3". Check there for replies from people in your area. Once you figure out a fair price for your area, bring that much in cash, or if you dont have that cash, be firm on what you will and wont pay. Negotiate to that price, and find another dealer similar to that price. Then walk into a dealership and tell them you would like to purchase for said price. Then throw in something like " I will pay cash right now if you throw in a helmet as well". Tell them you can go to another dealer for the same price who may throw in a free helmet or discounted part.
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always make sure you park your amg s63 somewhere in the back or around the corner so they don't know you've got bank!
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always make sure you park your amg s63 somewhere in the back or around the corner so they don't know you've got bank!
lol!! :d
Single best piece of advice is to walk out the door if you don't get the price you are looking for. The dealer is not going to budge if its clear that you are going to be buying the bike now matter what. You have to show them that you are in control and that you have no issue either bot buying our buying elsewhere if they are not willing to play ball.

Aside from that, talk to a few different dealers and feel them out for OTD prices. If you want a 2016 then the best you can do is maybe knock off some of the fees, but they are brand new so the dealer prob on't budge much there. You can probably haggle down a 2015 a few hundred bucks and without fees if you play your cards right. Don't be afraid to play dealers against each other, too. Tell them that ABC is offering you $$$ OTD and ask them if they can beat it or match the price + throw in some gear or parts at dealer cost.

Always remember that YOU are in control. Don't fall for their BS sales pitch, don't let them tell you what the bike is worth or what a good price is. Do your research and figure out a realistic price that you are OK paying and stick to your guns.
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and stick to your guns.
Just dont bring any. I hear its against the law or something.
Hey mate, I managed to get my Blue R3 (2015) for $7,752 onroad with a full akrapovic exhaust system, oggy knobs and the fender eliminator brand new from "On Two Wheels" their customer service was impeccable as well as their knowledge and prices, I had went into Yamaha previously, the sales rep told me to get several useless mods including a "slip on" ?.

As for the helmet, I got the Kabuto RT33 Rapid, they ended up taking $200 off the helmet and threw in a tinted lens for nothing! That's $680 worth for $480!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

I'll go home and find out how much the bike itself was before the mods ??

If you are commuting, I would reccomend the Oxford screamer $80 (with reminder cord) I find it is well worth the money!

As for gear, if you haven't already got it, I went to MCA and got $1700 worth of gear for $1360. Money well spent!

Good luck!
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