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To develop consensus, share this page with the rest of the Vertical Scope community. Allow them to read through it, then take the SurveyMonkey survey below (does not collect IP addresses, displays responses after taking the survey).

The idea: String together all Vertical Scope Powersports forums into one, cohesive "social" network.

The idea is that many of us don't only one motorcycle or we won't own the same machines over the long-term (it's realistic to expect YZF-R3 owners to sell their motorcycle due to it being a "beginner" machine, "There's no replacement for displacement."

The second reason I bring this up (that supports the first one) is when we do sell our motorcycle and buy the next one, why does the journey and our community have to be cut off, just because we change forums? By creating the Vertical Scope Powersports Network, we can make & maintain connections to our communities across multiple sites. We can develop the journey of our riding experience.

Powersports Discussion Forum
Stringing together all powersports forums will combine communities. This enables us to create a new forum for general powersports discussions - to include things like events, meetups, lounging, etc.

There's nothing more #cringe than a bunch of the same motorcycles meeting up for a ride. A powersports network could host a forum of locales, thereby enabling us to get together with other motorcyclists from other forums.

  • The current naming convention of members could be converted to discord's convention; "@bennyrides#0000".
  • One account, all of Vertical Scope Powersports forums
  • Should include the ability to create multiple accounts from one email address
  • Advanced Search: Include any number of different forums in search queries
    • Advanced Search would enable every member to search across all sites within certain advanced search filters
  • Vertical Scope should create a Vendor-only forum
    • Vendors would write articles they could link back to throughout as many Vertical Scope network forums as they choose
  • All individual forums would still be managed by their respective Moderators
  • Administrative duties will be enhanced from a member management perspective
    • One account - one activity stream and history
    • Multiple accounts - (requires analytical thinking to make connections; decisions)
  • OpenLDAP is a free, open source, self-hosted alternative to commercial single sign-on services (pricey)

I want to know what you think. Take the survey.

SurveyMonkey - take the survey.

This survey was created by @bennyrides, in no official capacity; it does not represent Vertical Scope in any way.

209 Posts
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How do you reconcile merging this forum with a WHOLE bunch of other forums, with someone else's opinion that these forums are "overly complex"?

Sure, there is some perceived overlap pertaining to the general motorcycle discussion areas, but there is not much overlap between what owners of big touring bikes do, and what owners of off-road bikes do, and what beginner riders do, and what roadracers do. The nature of the discussions on (let's say) the Kawasaki H2 forum are nothing like the nature of the discussions here.

If half the people complain it's too complicated, and half the people complain it's not extensive enough, it's probably okay!
I brought this discussion here from GoFaster's response from another thread.

You bring up solid points.

Those who deem these forums too complex will continue their journey as they already do. However, those who don't plan on sticking to one forum may benefit from writing about their rider journey across many forums using one identity.

At this time, the forums already favor those members who seek to conceal their identity between forums (and this also makes it more difficult to track antagonists (unless there are other tracking measures).

It'll function how social network groups do; it's up to the individual member to form the connections if they so choose.

The overlap will become whatever the member wants to create; technologically, if it's not linked, it won't be seen. Currently, you cannot link an article from another Vertical Scope forum without creating an account to respond.

Another benefit is that a Member Portal could feature a Feed of "subscribed to" forums; say for instance, you are interested in more than one type or model; subscribe to their forum to keep up to date on threads.
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