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I have put 1000 miles on my bike in a little over a month, as a brand new rider, just wanted to give my 1000 miles in thoughts.

Suspension/handling: as my riding skill increases, the bike just keeps giving me more and inspiring confidence. As I take turns faster, lean the bike more, it is always right there asking for more. Pretty much any bike should be this way as what it can handle should far outweight a new riders skill level, but how light it is makes it easy to maneuver and handle for a new rider. The R3 has some limited suspension parts, but even on terrible Oklahoma roads I don’t have any problems while just cruising along.

Comfort/position: 3 hours and I am wanting off, mostly just because my ass hurts. The rest of me has no complaints. I feel like I can get in two riding positions, far up on the seat at the tank, which puts me in a very upright comfortable position, or I can scoot all the way back on the seat which curves up slightly, this lowers my top half, changes leg positioning, resulting in a more tucked, racier seating position. It is hard to stay back on the seat, bumps and things scoot you back forward just due to the seat angle. Other than ass cramps after a multi hour ride, it is super comfortable to ride.

Power/acceleration: Before I even rode this bike(or any bike) I did research, watched plenty of youtube videos, and I thought this bike would be plenty for a while. To be honest, 1000 miles in and I wish I had a little more. Not R6 power, but maybe 50-60hp, or maybe just more low end torque. I am a acceleration guy, not top speed. But as I learn to get down smoother shifts under hard acceleration, the bike has become faster on the butt dyno. Even though I wish I had a little more power, it is a blast to ride. You can flog on this thing all day long, have a ton of fun, and it is not going to throw you off the bike from insane amounts of power. It has a margin of error for a new rider. I rode the interstate for the first time today, I had no problems feeling I had enough power for whatever I needed to do. I was cruising along at 75 with acceleration to spare.

Looks: This is just a sexy motorcycle. For me the styling points come from the front end on a motorcycle. I think a lot of bikes just look ugly from the front. I love the design on this model R3, even more so than the 19/20 models.

Stopping: the brakes are another point that in reviews it gets knocked. For average street riding, even some spirited riding, I find the brakes to be just fine. If I rode a double caliper bike with brembo brakes, I am sure I would fine the R3 brakes to be inadequate, for the inexperienced rider, the brakes are fine.

Conclusion: the R3 is an outstanding beginner bike. There is probably a R6 in my future, but for now I am going to enjoy the great little bike this thing is!
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