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Hi all.
Its my wifes bike.
But after washing it.
It now goes to starr but doesnt fire up all the way.
Takes about 3 goes before it starts.
Didn't get any water in air filter, just cant figure out why it not starting straight away like it use to before i washed it.
Any ideas.is this normal.
Thankyou in Advance.

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There's very little information here.

For one, can you elaborate by what you mean by "Takes about 3 goes before it starts."? That's so vague, and could mean just about anything.

How are you washing it, how soon after washing it are you trying to start it? How often do you ride it? When was the last time you checked the battery voltage or charge level? Is this your first bike?

Also realize that starting after washing is a cold start, and if your spraying water everywhere, just like riding through rain (except without the benefit of a running engine and aero) water or at least water vapor will be pulled in as part of the air being sucked in, and will create a slightly more lean mixture than usual. This coupled with it being a cold start will make starting a bit more difficult. If it doesn't start, then be worried. If electronics show issues, then be worried, if you have power loss after warming fully up, then be worried. None of those things? Start it up, warm it fully up at least, ride it around the block if possible and brake front and rear, store it.

Stop worrying so much about little things, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.
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