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Aftermarket B n' C levers

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So as the title states, this post is about Aftermarket Break and Clutch levers, I recently replaced my break and clutch levers with a pair I bought from eBay. CNC black levers with gold accents. They feel great, the only thing is that I lost the clutch collar that goes, well in the clutch, where the bolt holds the lever in place. Is this absolutely needed or can i ride fine without it. And if i need it, where is it a good place for me to get one from. Thanks!
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The bushing/collar is needed because aluminum (which what the lever generally is made of) is a soft metal and will wear down quickly. That bushing is made from harder material, maybe brass or whatever which takes more to wear down.

If you don't have that bushing in there, the hole will grind away and get bigger making unsafe conditions for your clutch lever.

So yeah, you'll need to replace that bushing sooner than later.

find the right parts and tell your local store to order it for you so you can skip the shipping? should be only few bucks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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