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Akrapovič Full system

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Installing Akrapovič Full system this weekend


I was told to ease off on the milage untill the dealer fine tune the flow of gas
my dealer will do it at his own garage this coming thusday as he has all the tools for it at home.

Will post some decent pic once i finish up the job...

What a change in dreving experiance...
Bike shuld be sold with a full system>:D

The vid is hosted from privat cloud so Feel free to snag :)
i will make a decent one after thusday when all is fine tuned


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Had the bike on Dyno rollers to day - Impressive i must say..
40hp on the rear wheel - tops out at 200km/h
and what a sund from that pipe with the DB-Killer still in there
i made a small mp4 vid with my phone as the tool pusher is working it :)
He is a ½Big dude on 120kg.The Test run he dit IRL.. after we finished the dyno run´s he culd push it up on 185km/h
Also installed a dud on the C02-Sensor with a fake heat line.

He advised me to get a decent air filter so that one is under way now haha..

As Alwayes shared from my private cloud shuld ya like a sneak peek


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