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Akropovic slip on to full system.

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Hello guys,

Currently I have akropovic slip on, but after 6 months I am quite bored with the sound it makes. I can't afford a full system at the moment so I wondered if it would be possible to cut down catalytic converter and fit my akrapovic exhaust back?? Similar to how M4 exhaust works. Any suggestions on how can I improve the sound without spending £500 on a full system?


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No. That exhaust runs good on the bike, leave it be if you value how good your bike runs now because if you do this it will run awful. Just live with it and enjoy the performance.

Full systems easily start to sound like 80s dirt bike straight pipe with a supertrap welded onto the end.

The sound matches the bike and its performance, sounds like an RC390.

Your in London, you want your snappy tight low end, all of that will be gone with a full system. Its a touch faster at mid to high rpm and climbs through the rpms faster but your low end will suffer greatly. Terrible for stop and go city driving. Fuel mileage is also severely effected. You want to buy more gas in London where its the most expensive you can get? Nah I dont think so.

That full size 2" akro pipe is not attaching anywhere on those stock headers. The stock headers are weak too, if your going to do an exhaust don't reuse those weak headers. The M4 street slayer only adds 1.1hp like other slip ons. You are not opening up the bike enough to strain masses of exhaust gases out quickly, you want to maintain some back pressure for throttle response.

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Im fairly certain that the Akrapovic SS Shorty GP Slipon is designed to work with the stock catalytic converter, just like how the Akrapovic Full System is designed to function well as a straight drop in without any further modification.
Bird: I could not expect a better answer! honestly. :) You put my mind at peace, hope for a long time. Thanks mate! ;)
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