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First off I am aware that without pics it never happened. Sorry but I did this on a whim This morning after reading a thread on here about the r6 throttle tube Mod.
Now I know this is a cheap mod already but I am a die hard tinkerer and “free” is better than cheap every time. Also I noticed a few people said it was still not as short of a throw as they would like.
What I did was simply cut a section of 1.5“ PVC pipe to the same thickness as the current ridge the cable rides on with the stock tube. Probably 3/8 of an inch or a little less. Then I cut out a small section maybe 1/2 inch or so of the thin circle of pipe I now had. So what I ended up with was a C shaped Piece of PVC pipe. Where the work comes in is measuring twice so you only have to cut once. You can always sand the piece down thinner to match the thickness of the ramp on the throttle tube.
At this point you have a 1/4” thick C shaped piece of PVC pipe. Now set it on the circumference of the throttle tube to check that the width matches the width of the ramp and adjust as necessary. Next step is setting the length of the piece to fit around the tube With as little gap where it meets the raised portion where the cables attatch as possible. Just take a little at a time till it fits perfectly. At this point the curve of the PVC is a little more open than the ramp of the throttle tube and it does not fit tightly. When everything matches up you can use a heat gun or maybe very careful application of a torch to tighten up the circle of the PVC so it snaps over the tube ramp tightly. After a test fit all that is required is a little epoxy or good old super glue to secure it.
The twist from shut to wide open is maybe 45-50 degrees now. And I don’t think you can get a larger circumference tube to fit in the stock housing. The biggest issue you may have is that the cable is now set for as long as it can be. There is no more slack to take out and there is little to no free play at closed throttle.
Any way I tried to be as concise and Thorough with my explanation as possible but a picture is worth a thousand words :(
If I can find an old throttle tube laying around I will do a quick mock up and get pictures if there is any interest.
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