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Amazon boxes everywhere!

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Its like Christmas!

-Bohn Adventure armored pants. XL
These things are really comfortable, although the lycra might take a bit of getting use to for some riders. Being from the north its kinda like putting on long johns. I am 190 6' 1" and the armor was shifting around more than I felt it should, after re consulting the sizing chart I am between a L and XL and i missed the part that says order the smaller size if in between. Sending back for a large.

-Vega Merge - Black
I really like these boots. They are just over the ankle and have a nice fat side toe slider. There is a good amount of ankle padding. I think once the leather breaks in there will be very comfortable. Not bad for $80.

-TCBunny Carbon Fiber Pro-Biker gloves-large.
They suck. Clearly not enough protection on the palm and way to much on the knuckles. They are very uncomfortable in the knuckles although they do offer very nice dexterity and ventilation. I am struggling with finding gloves I like. The leather ones that I got from the dealer are too bulky and I find myself hitting the horn when going for the turn signals. Anyone really lover their gloves?

-Also got a T Rex combo kit with front and rear axle sliders, case covers, and frame sliders. Seems like a solid bit of kit, looking forward to installing.

Happy Riding, this weekend looks like it is going to be beautiful (50* in the northeast; what you California people think of as cold :) ).
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