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Annitori Quick Shifter

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After reading the thread in the DIY section on the Annitori quick shifter I thought I'd give it a try. For some background on me, I've been riding/racing dirt bikes for almost 30 years and riding sportbikes for almost 20 years. The whole reason I became interested is I rode my brother's Aprilia which has one from the factory. Beyond it's track intent, it really made that bike such a pleasure to ride on the street. Compared to other sportbikes I've had (750s and 600s) this bike requires considerable shifting as the gears are necessarily short to take advantage of it's power output. I reasoned that beyond the few track days a year I'll do, this thing will make riding on the street more pleasurable as well.

I had a couple questions so I filled out their contact form figuring it would be a while until I heard back. Paul from Annitori returned with an email in under a half-hour. My concern was with their available shift rods and what would fit the R3 application with the shift sensor installed. Amazingly, he recommended the included grub screws (right & left hand threaded rods) would probably afford me the length needed without need for an additional (read: additional cost) shift rod. He also offered if I'd like to buy their shortest rod, if I didn't ultimately need it I could return it for a refund. I decided to place the order and give it a go without an additional rod.

The package arrived in 2 days from placing the order. The install was very straight forward, Annitori provided install and setup pdfs. You will remove the tank to gain access to the coils, and connect their jumpers inline with the existing coil wires and then connect those to the control unit. The new sensor "shift rod" is then assembled to replace the existing shift rod and its harness is then connected to the control unit as well. I wrapped the control unit in foam and placed it on top of the battery under the main seat. There is no "splicing" involved, everything is plug and play either using the spade connectors Yamaha uses on the coils or the harness connectors on the control unit. Very clean and easy install. All you need to do is confirm you have it connected properly, tidy up your wires and reassemble.

The slickest part of the entire deal is the control unit's settings are accessed thru a smartphone app. I use an iphone 5s, and the app is available from the apple app store. Annitori includes directions to connect and control the unit using the app and it worked flawlessly. Paul also recommended a "kill time" (ignition cut time) of 70ms based on his research and feedback from other R3 users. I started there, and haven't found a reason to change it. Here's a kick, several days after receiving the unit I get an email from Annitori making sure install went well and I was satisfied with my purchase! Who does that anymore!

I took the bike out for a road test and I must say I thoroughly enjoy riding the bike much more now. Up-shifts are simple and easy. Quick shifters work properly with the tranny under load, so while accelerating briskly you just "click it up", do not let off, bob the throttle, fan the clutch, nada, and it cleanly and nearly seamlessly transitions to the next gear. You do not need to be WFO, testing local laws etc, just accelerating briskly, around midrange and it works great. When the road (and law) allows, full throttle red-line shifts are an absolute pleasure, the bike just pulls and you keep it pinned. I'm really excited to try this on the track next month.

Overall I would rate this product, and the support I received from Annitori, very highly. Is it a "must have"? That's up to you. After having it for a few rides now, I wouldn't want to go back. In fact, I will not own another sportbike without a quick shifter and if it doesn't come with one, it will be from Annitori.

As an FYI, I was not paid, compensated in anyway, or coerced to make this review by Annitori, nor do/did I know any member of their company or ever use any of their products before this quick shifter. I just thought it was a pretty cool piece and thought I'd share my experience with it.
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Awesome review, my man. I agree, a QS is a must for the R3. A must for any 300 really. Makes it a much more enjoyable experience.
<insert debate about how not strong the R3 gearbox is and how bad clutchless upshifting is for your bike>
<insert debate about how not strong the R3 gearbox is and how bad clutchless upshifting is for your bike>
Well... time will tell whether or not the gearbox is strong and reliable.

My guess is, not so much. Time will tell.
My guess is that it'll be fine. People worry too much.
Since the kill time and sensitivity are adjustable, you can adjust it so you're shifting with an unloaded gear pack. As I stated though, the presets they gave me accomplished the goal, I didn't need to stray from those to make is smoother. It doesn't take any more pedal pressure than using the clutch, so it's not like you're somehow "forcing" it to shift, which you cannot do when the tranny is loaded anyway.
eness, does it shift smooth from 1st to 2nd?
What about at a lazy, partial throttle upshift? Can you still use the clutch if you wanted to or is it totally useless? I know I like to pull the clutch in when slowing down for example. What about downshifts?
Clutch still works as normal, you can shift it normally still. You still downshift as usual, so you still must rev match etc. a QS is primarily for full throttle up shifts, but it works fine for part throttle up shifts of regular street riding. 1st is pretty smooth, but 2-3 on up are smoother. 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 are just about seamless. My tranny has been very clunky 1-2 from day 1 and sometimes I'll get a false neutral, but since using the QS I have not had that problem at all, it goes right into second with none of that "clunky" feeling. I've had lots of bikes in my life but never one less willing to go into second. No more embarrassing neutral rev from the missed shift.
Awesome!!! I'm so glad it worked out so well for you on the street! And fantastic writeup! I sorted out the settings for them, but I never got mine back on the street after the new version was released, so I'm happy to hear you are getting such smooth shifts even street riding. 1-2 is clunkier than the rest, it's not just you or your bike. I had a long conversation with Paul when we were first testing this unit and working on the settings. It's simply more difficult to get a smooth shift on a smaller bike, something about there being less torque on the transmission, I can't even remember all the details about it now, it was a year ago. But this is why the R3 requires a longer kill time than some larger bikes and why it's hard to get a smooth shift from 1-2.

This writeup is so thorough and helpful, do you mine if I make a post out of it on my blog?

Absolutely, feel free! Thanks for helping to sort the settings, they work very well!
My tranny has been very clunky 1-2 from day 1 and sometimes I'll get a false neutral. I've had lots of bikes in my life but never one less willing to go into second. No more embarrassing neutral rev from the missed shift.
Good to know. My R3 does the same thing. I guess it's just the way it is designed. The 1-2 shift is picky.
I seem to have more trouble from 2-3. Not sure what's up,but sometimes I have to try the 2-3 shift twice.
Same here - clunk, clunk.
Now I QS already without a quick shifter, would it really be that much "better" with something like this?

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Only you can answer that one. Phear, read up on how a QS does what it does and compare it to your technique. The only way to get a motorcycle transmission to shift is to unload it, period. Whether you're doing that with a throttle bob or clutch fan or 70ms ignition cut like the Annitori uses, the goal is the same, unload the tranny for the shortest time safely possible to move to the next ratio.
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it was definitely a "where have you been all my life!" moment for me.
Does the Annitori QS require any other hardware (like PCV)?
nope, it's simply cutting spark when the sensor feels you go for a shift.
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