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Any Half Cover Recommendations?

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I live in Orlando Florida where we get a 15 minute rain storm in the middle of the day almost every day during the rainy months. I already had a full cover I toted around for a year, but it took up way too much backpack space, so I sold it to a friend who didn't have a garage for his bike. I'm looking to buy a half cover with flawless waterproofing for when it's parked at work. At home it's garaged.
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If the bulk and weight are what you're looking to reduce, I'd suggest you consider a cover made from a different material that could easily be folded or rolled into a smaller stowing size. Most major cover brands offer several types, from stiff and cheap but serviceable to light and easily folded for stowing. There are several major vendors out there that offer these various brands of covers and can offer customer service to assist with suggestions.

Motorcycleid is one of the R3 Forum sponsors and may be able to help with a cover.
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Looks like the Nelson Rig UV-2000 is the one for me. I've found it to be the winner on 3 other sites I visited prior. Waterproof was the big issue and the reviews look promising. I had a full BILT cover prior. Did the job well enough, but it was just bulky.
Why not just leave the cover at work?
I hadn't thought about that. My thought process was it'd be more time-efficient to carry it in my backpack with everything else I already tote around. The hassle of getting temp scanned at the front office, hiking to my cube, hiking back to the bike, getting temp scanned again at the front office, then hiking back to my cube isn't exactly appealing to me. Pre-Covid we could just park right at the garage bay within 60 feet of our desks. Not as convenient anymore. Weighing it out, I think I'd rather carry the half-cover on me and save the 15 minutes of walk-back-and-forth time.
Roll it up & bungie cord strap it on the tail of your bike?
Roll it up & bungie cord strap it on the tail of your bike?
Roll it up & bungie cord strap it on the tail of your bike?
My leg has a hard time getting up over the seat as is, but it's a nice suggestion. Probably works for taller people.
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Nelson Rigg UV-2000 half cover acquired! It covers up all the essentials and it rolls up nice and tight as well. Perfect for throwing in the backpack.
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