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Anyone Else Running Pirelli Sport Demons?

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Just about to put my 5th rear tyre on my R3, which will be the 4th Sport Demon. Anyone else run these?

I absolutely love them. They hold up great in all weather, been out in heavy frosts, plenty of rain (I'm an all weather, all year rider) and never had a twitch with them (apart from opening up the throttle right on a diesel spill coming off of a roundabout, but all tyres will get upset with that!).

I get good mileage from them, about 3500 miles. They warm up very quickly and get nicely sticky , feel very planted and I've had the chicken strips down to 2mm on them, you can use all the rubber with no worries around tight twisties.
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They are now replaced with new model : Pirelli Angel CT
those are old tech biased ply tires-i use them on my triumph thruxton because they are the best tire for the odd size wheels that are on that bike-they are very good,but still old tech.if you like them,stick with them,but there are better tires out there for your R3.
Here's some tires for small displacement bikes.
I went with some Bridgestone S20 EVO in the stock size.
will wear out faster than a touring tire. I care more about grip

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