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Anyone have these Driven Halo Grips?

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I'm thinking about new grips and these ones really caught my eye. I am looking for more of a gel grip like this, and the color on these would match the blue R3 perfectly.

Thoughts? Anyone else have these or something similar? How do they feel, and how was the install?

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Haven't used em personally, but driven makes good stuff and I'd imagine these are no different.

Installing grips isn't too hard, but taking off the old ones can be a royal pita. Make sure you have a long screwdriver or air compressor on hand to break up the glue holding them on and be patient. There's plenty of guides out there if you need some extra help

If you ride in the cold at all, I highly recommend installing heated grips while you are tearing things apart. They have completely changed winter riding for me since I've gotten them.
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I got Driven Axis grips waiting to get installed, should get to it sometime next week.
When I looked at them pretty quick they looked like good quality product.
I think Fangshui also had Driven Axis installed oh his.
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