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anyone know what this is?

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Just got back from a ride and never noticed this hose sticking down on the clutch side of the bike. Anyone know what it is and if its suppose to be there?
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Looks like someone cut your brake line...
Trace it back - probably your fuel overflow. There is no battery overflow.
Trace it back - probably your fuel overflow. There is no battery overflow.
I'm still not sure what it is, but it's in all the stock pictures of the R3. So I know it's suppose to be there now.
Should be in your manual. Page 4-15 in the NA manual. off the top of my head, they are both (there should be one more further back) fuel hoses. One is a breather, the other an overflow.
Turn signal fluid overflow? I hate when I forget to cancel my signal and the fluid gets all over the fairings.
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Yeah me too, really hard to clean off. It's almost as much effort as replacing headlight bearings.

Reminds me of something I saw on another forum, someone asked how he could turn his four stroke into a two stroke, because he heard they were more powerful. He was given the response of "it's really easy to do, two strokes have the oil mixed with the fuel, just pour a bottle of 2 stroke oil in the tank and enjoy the extra 40bhp" poor bugger actually did it...
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