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Anyone looking to sell a R3??

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Hello all. Well is there anyone looking to sell there used R3 in Ontario Canada? Not California. Looking for someone that bought, got their experience and is now ready to move on up.
Best price I have out the door new is $5390 all in. Still to pricey for me so I'm looking used.
Pm me what you have.
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$5390 Cdn all in is an amazing price. You should jump on that. Really.
Yup, great price, the best I found was $5250 +HST for the Black.
I cannot imagine used one selling much lower than that, they're all pretty much still new and in demand.
opmope, you DO realize your request is like asking a mother to sell her newborn baby?
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That's like 4300 U.S. Dollars. I would take 2 at that price.
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we pay 6,999.00 AUD = 5,196.34 USD in australia
I picked up a new one on Sunday. $5250 HST out the door. Very excited. The $5390 was from another dealer. All you have to do is shop the dealers within a 2 hour radius and you won't believe how they all want to earn your business. Two many people out there let the dealers dictate the price. Remember they need to sell you a bike more then you need to buy one.
we pay 6,999.00 AUD = 5,196.34 USD in australia
RRP in Australia is $6,999 AUD but I paid a lot less than that Ride Away. :)
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