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Are spy shots of the R3 or the R25?

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I have been seeing a lot of the same spy shots labeled as both the R3 and the R25. Do we have any idea if the spy shots going around the internet are of one or the other? And if the spy shots are of just one of the bikes, then where are spy shots of the other?
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they're R25's, but its the same bike... R25 will launch first in SE asian markets. Probabaly indonesia first as thats where production is... Europe, NA and Oz will likely be getting the R3... Japan should get the R25 as well...
So the R3 is going to be identical, or near identical?

Are they the same bike with a different engine inside, or do you think there will be minor changes to the actual body of the bike?
CBR250 vs CBR300...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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