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Ari Henning puts an end to the myth that WD-40 will destroy your chain o-rings

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The first time I went to clean my chain on my first motorcycle last year I did a bunch of research on what to use and there was a TON of people who were adamant that WD-40 would destroy your chain by drying out your o-rings, causing them to crack/deteriorate.

Well, Ari Henning was nice enough to do a semi-scientific (lol) study and put the matter to bed for good.

If you don't have time to watch the video, the gist is that the main component in WD-40 is equivalent to kerosene, which is 100% ok for cleaning your chain. So, it is harmless to clean/de-grease with WD-40 as long as you properly lube your chain afterwards. WD-40 is NOT a chain lube supplement!

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I've used it many times on several bikes over fhe decades. The shortest lifespan I've ever had on a bike's chain was 24,000 miles...
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