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ATGATTEFG: Degloving = No es Bueno!

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I noticed similar things when I drove upto SF a couple times too
some people would even text WHILE riding
I almost brought the window down at them and ask them whether they were busy like corporate CEO to be on the phone like 24/7? I know this is a free country and all but endangering other people's lives on the street. Or giving some innocent driver nightmare forever because they run into these people someday

After the crash I just bought myself an extra pair of cheap sidi from STG just incase if my gloves are broken and wait for the new pair to come in
Hahah! "I'm a ****ing a-hole man!" is the best response ever. I think I'll have to use that more often when someone asks me a question that I don't want to explain myself with.
thanks for posting my story! Love to all R3 owners everywheres.

This is right up there with the guys that wear flip flops or something similarly insane while riding. Just my opinion though
Great, now I'm gonna have to deal with these images wrecking my dreams.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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