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Attempt to stole my R3 - new Ignition Lock

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Last night someone tried to stole my R3 which was anchor locked outside. They broke the steering lock but could not brake the chain, it is half cut and it seems that they broke their tools as I found a broken piece which was not from my motorcycle. I am really nervous to leave it tonight in the same place but I don't have much of the choice.

Does anyone know where I could get a new ignition lock as the steering lock is completely broken. How much do you think it might cost? Do you think I could change it myself since labour for fixing would be quite expensive I guess.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, :(

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Man, what a bunch of scumbags. It is a **** shame, really. This world we live in now, makes you shudder. Go get a job and work for something instead of stealing you **** a-holes.

Well at least you had the extra protection thankfully and they weren't successful. Where do you live, if you don't mind. I live in a big city-New York-and as much as I love it and as much as I am a NYer to the bone (born & raised here), I still know that unfortunately there are vile swine criminal thug thieves out there and try not to take it for granted. So I went and got a Kryptonite chain lock, Xena brake disc lock, and Scorpio alarm system-the Scorpio alerts your phone if there is shaking or movement. What kind of lock did you have that broke their tool? Looks like it did the job.

I am not sure if you can get the same lock cylinder that matches your current key. If you have to get a new one, you will have to get a bew fuel tank and helmet lock one also, unless you want to use your old keys which would force you to use 2 keys to function. I think you will have to get Yamaha OEM parts directly from them through the dealer. Anything OEM is pricey and that's one of the bad things. Some scumbag messed with your bike that you bought with hard earned money and they cost you money by breaking things will trying to steal it. It really makes one's blood boil. Karma is a bitch though. Hope it bites them in the ass bad.

Good luck! And again, try not to get too worked up about this. Look at the positive-they didn't get your bike.
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Thanks mate. I am from central London. For the last few months bike thieves are getting crazy in London. I have Oxford Monster Chain lock which they could not manage to cut. Probably it was just pure luck they did not cut it! I have a spare disc lock and padlock which I will put overnight from now on.

I checked Yamaha dealer shop for ignition lock and they said it would cost me £132 + £120 for labour. It's crazy!

I checked some websites for ignition locks for other motorcycles and it seems that the average price is around £40 and they fit quite many different models. For example the R6 and R1 ignition lock is the same. But I could not find anything specifically for the R3. Do you think that I could fit the ignition lock from Yamaha R6 or R1 or other yamaha model? I guess I'll have to fit it myself too as I can't cope with the idea of paying £120 for fitting it by someone else.

I am not exactly sure which parts I need to buy in order to fix everything. is it only Ignition Barrel like this one for example?


Thanks a lot!
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I found Ignition lock key set with gas cap and seat lock on ebay for fairly good price. Do you guys think I should buy it before it's gone?

That sucks!! that's one thing I fear. I barely purchased my bike and I would hate to even find out that someone tried to steal it. It would make me so paranoid.
I found a decent price for steering lock as a security system, only 25 bucks:


As you found, your chain did all the work. The thief bypassed the steering lock in probably 5 seconds.
I am a little paranoid now. I am nervous that they might come back, and I am sure they will. Yesterday I borrowed my friends chain, so I put two big chains, two disc locks and one pad lock! Made myself laugh! :D It now looks like a Christmas tree full of locks! :D I though that I am not going to replace the steering lock as it is quite useless anyway as Jay Joe says that you can brake it in 5 seconds. What do you think guys? I think I'll better spend that money on a really good chain, disc lock or cheap alarm system.

And my insurance doesn't cover it because I have £600 excess and the replacement doesn't cost as much.

Thanks for your respond guys!
Sorry to hear bud. I just posted my lock set in classifieds if you're still looking:
Not sure where you are located, but I don't mind shipping internationally if need be.
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Hey man, R3 forum user jbluetooth who is a vendor from yamahar3racing.com has the parts you neiked for CHEAP. He has a project race bike and they remove the helmet lock, replace the locking gas cap with a race fuel cap, and remove the igniton among other things becasue they don't need it nor the added weight. He is asking $70 which is killer. You will get new keys, a new ignition cylinder, helmet lock/seat + cowl cover lock, and new gas cap with lock for that set of keys. So no need to get new keys, ignition cylinder or have the need to carry your old keys if you weren't planning on swapping out the gas cap and helmet lock.

You need to send him a PM ASAP and jump on it before someone else does! Couldn't be from a seemingly cooler guy. All the vendors here are great.

Here is a link to his thread->http://www.r3-forums.com/forum/737-yamaha-r3-parts-sale/82249-2015-yamaha-r3-key-set-ignition-fuel-tank-rear-seat-asking-70-a.html
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Ha, Jesse beat me to the punch. Guess he was watching his thread like a hawk!
That sucks. I'm a hunter and if there coming back. I would try a camera set up or even better hook up a Game Camera for deer hunting. Set it up on a lamp post or tree near your bike. Use a latter to place it up high so no one steals it.and strap it up. It will take photos of anyone walking near the bike. The flash should scar them off and they will panic and take off. You can retrieve the photos to check for lic plate number peoples faces etc. or turn in to the Police. Or do the wi-fi camera and hook it up to your computer and sit up late and stake it out. Get a loud air horn. to run them off and scar the **** out of them wankers.
Hi jbluetooth,

I would be happy to buy it from you. Shall I contact you through e-mail or whatever way is easier for you.

Thanks Mate.
Email me your address and I'll send you a paypal request. Funny how the timing worked out, I've had this set sitting here for a month, just needed to post it up for sale. Happy to help.
[email protected]
Zadeika, definitely get some extra security as well. I got a Scorpio alarm, Xena XX6 brake rotor lock with alarm, and a Kryptonite chain, and a Dowco Guardian motorcycle cover. Sounds like overkill and a lot but it really isn't.

When I keep the bike outside, I like to cover it in case of inclement weather, or some yahoo putting his coffee on it, or someone thinking like wow, let me just sit on it. A cover will actually discourage some thieves as it is another layer to remove. You can even lock the cover down on it. Cost me $79


Xena lock lock on the brake rotor (don't forget its ob the rotot and thry to drive off!) and shrieks an siren in case of movement. Cost me like $70.


Got a Kryptonight NY lock and through it through the front tire and anchor it to a stationary object like a street sign or gate. Cost $100.

Kryptonite Locks Motorcycle Security

The Scorpio alarm was the most and I bought the Ride/Secure combo for $469. It has GPS tracking to my phone and if bike moves or tilts, I get an alert.


But if you get some combo of first 3, you should be good. Cheers!
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I highly recommend the scorpio. I have an older one and nobody can steal my bike.
I highly recommend the scorpio. I have an older one and nobody can steal my bike.
I just bought the Scorpio Ride/Secure combo system. I live in Brooklyn but am storing my bike 20 miles away at my family's house in the garage. Haven't had a chance to install it. I am not great at electrical stuff-my brother was an expert at that and I took him for granted because he always did that work for me but he is no longer with us unfortunately.

How is the installation? Pretty easy and user friendly or would you recommend getting it done at pricey labor costs? I looked at Scorpio's install pdf instructions and they seem pretty simple but are rather generalized.
I am wondering, why invest into a lock? I understand if the bike had sentimental value, but for me, none of my bikes have ever had sentimental value, and personally I would rather just have insurance pay me so I can grab another bike. Just wondering because we discussed this at work regarding a lojack and cars.
I am wondering, why invest into a lock? I understand if the bike had sentimental value, but for me, none of my bikes have ever had sentimental value, and personally I would rather just have insurance pay me so I can grab another bike. Just wondering because we discussed this at work regarding a lojack and cars.
I'm way more attached to my bike than my car. Plus after all the parts I am putting in my bike, I doubt insurance would fully reimburse me full value. IN NY, insurance is Stupid expensive depending on where you live. Luckily I'm older at 40, and get a decent deal. I'm a veteran but USAA only insures new bikes-I bought my R3 used. I use Dairyland Insurance which costs me like $683 for full comprehensive, etc. Even Progressive and Geico wanted to charge me like $1100 full for year. I have younger friends who can only afford liability. IN NY, in your 20's you can expect to pay like $2000 a year which is ridiculous. My last accident was 1998 IIRC.

I would rather not get my bike stolen and deal with all that. My house got flooded once and had to deal with that claim, and my Acura GSR which I dropped like $20,000 in while I was in the Army got stolen and that was a total hassle.
I am wondering, why invest into a lock? I understand if the bike had sentimental value, but for me, none of my bikes have ever had sentimental value, and personally I would rather just have insurance pay me so I can grab another bike. Just wondering because we discussed this at work regarding a lojack and cars.
Have you ever had a car stolen or attempted to be stolen? Its a very enraging and violating feeling. And even worse is when the cops have little to no sympathy for you at all when you are going through this.

If you ever had the situation happen to you just ONCE, you'll invest in some type of extra security. Its much easier than the hassle of going through your insurance for anything. IMO insurance is the last line of defense, not the first one.
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