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The brake light flasher in my opinion is one of the best safety add ons you can add to your ride. I have had many people tell me during group rides that the brake light flashers wake em up and grab their attention when they are daydreaming.

I decided on the Signal Dynamics "Backoff XP" for my install.

Make sure you buy the XP version as it supports LED Tail/Brake lights.

1. Remove seat. Also, during install, make sure bike is off.
2. Locate the wiring coming from the tail/brake light assembly. There are 3 colored wires in the light harness (Blue, Yellow, Black).

Blue: 12V+ switched with key (running light)
Yellow: Switched 12V+ (Brake switch actuated) ONLY WIRE YOU WILL CUT
Black: Frame Ground

All wiring is done on the tail light end of the harness in the storage area (just under passenger seat). I found it easier to unplug the tail light at the connector to make working a little more roomy.

3. Pull some slack to the rear and carefully remove about 1.5 inches of the black cover that covers the Blue, Yellow, and Black wires.


5. Cut the Yellow wire in the center of the 1.5" sleeve opening.

6. Strip back about 1/4" of each side of the Yellow wire.

7. Before mounting the Backoff XP to the bike, (SEE STEP 10 and decide on which mode you will be using! This install is for mode 2). Extend the Black, Red, & Red w/ White Stripe as shown. I made them about 10" longer. I capped the two unused wires.

8. Use rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol to clean bottom of XP and bottom surface where you are going to mount the XP. Dry alcohol with paper towel and peel & stick XP to area shown. Double Sided Tape supplied with XP. Follow up with a zip tie for a super secure mount.

9. I soldered my connections for best long term reliability. Use crimp splices or whatever method you choose to make these connections.

10. Choose either mode (from the XP install instructions)
Mode One - 4 Short Flashes, 1 Long Flash & Repeat
Mode Two - 5 Fast Flashes then Steady, NO REPEAT
*** IMHO Mode One Flashes Too Slow ***

11. I chose Mode Two because it flashes much quicker and I am already used to watching the rearview for inbound traffic and I release the brake and reapply as needed. This also keeps me paying attention to whats closing in behind me while I am stopped.

12. 1st Connection - Yellow wire coming from connector connects to Solid Red wire from XP.

13. 2nd Connection - Yellow wire coming from tail light connects to Red Wire with White Stripe from XP.

14. 3rd Connection - Black wire from XP to Ground. Use multimeter to confirm a really good ground at this time.

15. I used a zip ties to neatly route and secure all the wiring for this job. If you use a zip tie, don't tighten it so tight that over time, it will cut into the wires. Snug is good.

Thats it! Your Done!

If you want to use Mode One (4 flashes, 1 long, repeat as long as brake is held), substitute the White Wire with Red Stripe at step 13.

Good luck with your install!
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