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Bags / Storge. Whats good?

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I was only able to find one other thread on the subject of storage and tank bags, so I figured I'd start another and get some more current info. After 5 days of owning my R3, I've realized I need to have some storage attached to my bike in order to make it a more practical vehicle. i need room for a couple basic tools, along with a water bottle or two, and then whatever odds and ends I may need to bring to work. Also a tank bag with a see thru phone compartment would be nice; the yamaha OEM tank bag seems to do this, but I havent ruled out a stand alone phone mount either.

What I'm looking for is a way to get some good looking, small - medium capacity storage on my R3. I'd like to maintain balance and aerodynamics in doing so. I think a rear passenger seat bag would be the first thing I need.

What is working for the rest of you? It doesn't have to be perfect for me, as I know there are others thinking about this too.
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Subbed for info that gets stuff out of my backpack!
I'm thinking about getting one of these. Hopefully it looks good; the R3's tail is sort of triangular and tapers off towards the end. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/nelson-rigg-cl-1060-s-sport-tail-bag
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I have an ancient set of Eclipse P-38 saddlebags. I modified them so that instead of the front bolt-on buckle assembly, it's a long strap with D-rings. They've been many thousands of miles on other bikes, and they will fit on the R3.

For more everyday use, I have a Rapid Transit tail bag. It's a discontinued design, but it's kind of a cross between their current Commuter bag and this MotoCentric bag. Hooks on with integrated bungie hooks.

With both of those, the challenge is the rear mounting point. The blinker stalks are pretty flexible, and going behind the fender means obscuring the license plate light, which could get you pulled over. I've been using one soft hook as the rear mounting point for the tail bag hooks: lay the center of it over the fender, take each end under a blinker stalk, and then bring the ends back up to the rear of the blinker stalks to catch my hooks. I only just read that tip from someone on the LDRider maillist, and it's brilliant. Depending on your luggage, you could also use one on each blinker stalk, hooked around the way they're meant to be used with tie-downs.

What I haven't put a lot of energy into yet is finding a map holder. With my old eyes, GPS just doesn't cut it, I need room for a large print paper map (sigh). Probably the best solution is going to be the one that involves gluing washers on the inside of the tank cover so I can use a magnetic tank bag, but I haven't done anything in that direction yet. I really need some small tank-mounted storage so my wallet's accessible for the ATM, gas stops, parking attendants, ticket windows, etc.
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