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I promised @TXaaronTX I'd write this today.
Use guide at your own risk. Let's go!

Get Service Manual & Help
The manual will have everything you need to know about year & model R3 you own. All the hard stuff is done - just download the appropriate Service Manual.

If you have trouble with your R3, use the Search Function to find potential solutions.
Then, use the Multi-Quote System to compile a list of those solutions and pose your question in a new thread on the appropriate forum; this will help us help you.

Shipping & Tool Care
This list is mainly for United States riders. Feel free to use a site like parcl to get tools shipped to your country. If you can't see these, try to link them via StartPage and view them through a proxy, or connect to a VPN that has an end-point in the USA.

Tools are by far a better investment than motorcycle modifications, especially if this is your first motorcycle. Last thing: Take care of your tools!
  • Keep your tools out of the dirt
  • Keep them away from water
  • Store them organized, together (even if it's just a cardboard box)
  • Clean them once in a while
Rule of Thumb & Supplies
The general rule of thumb; it's advisable to start threading by hand (all machined bolts & nuts); doing so will reduce the likelihood of cross-threading or outright stripping bolts and bolt holes.
  • 5 or 7-mil Nitrile gloves (your choice; just don't buy 3-mil (they're too lightweight for mechanic work) from HarborFreight.com
  • Fast Orange (or a similar hand cleaner) from eBay.com
  • Shop towels (or similar shop paper towels) from eBay.com
Tools, Tools, Tools!
Sockets & Ratchets (Metric)
Wrenches & Screwdrivers
Special Tools
What a headache my Trackside Universal stands have been! I wish I invested in nice stands to begin with! Inspired by this thread, here are my suggestions:
At the time you purchase a rear stand, be sure to order rear spools, as well! Please ensure parts fit your year & model before ordering.
Chemicals & Lubricant
Advanced Parts & Equipment
This whole section is for advanced users only.

For brake bleeding (using DOT4 fluid, of course), you'll need:
  1. 3 Gallon 1/3 HP 110 PSI Oil-Free Air Compressor from HarborFreight.com
  2. Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder with Auto-Refill Kit from HarborFreight.com
  3. DOT4 fluidfrom eBay.com
    1. Open container the moment you plan to flush your system; do not use old fluid!
With time, you'll learn how to take better care of your equipment, and you will increase the resale value by knowing your stuff was taken care of!
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