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BEST performance mod...

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THE BEST performance enhancing mod one can make on their R3 is the 1/6 turn throttle mod !!!

I finally got to wring out mine and WOW !!!

I went the cheap route and used the Zip Tie method, in fact, I used 2 heavy duty ties and it is truly AMAZING !!!

I know the stock tires are garbage, but now at higher RPM with full throttle coming out of a turn even in 2nd gear the back end slips just a tad like on a much more powerful bike !!!

Plus you do NOT have to re adjust your hand now when going from closed to open...
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BEST perf-mod is TIRES. But I am glad you are happy with your throttle-mod.
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I think tires are up there on the list for needed mods. Stock is crap.
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Rosso II's, vortex clip-ons, and an r6 throttle tube: all on the way. Can't wait to get this **** installed.
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Rosso II's are great. Friend had them on his naked sportbike. He raved about them.
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I was under the impression that custom decals is the #1 performance mod.
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Novice and intermediate track days with full coaching.

This will make all your bikes eleventy billion times faster and safer than the most highly modified money pits.
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I agree 100% about the tires, but as far as making the bike snappier, the throttle mod is the way too go...
Totally different beast with it...

I already have a stubby muffler, lowered the stock clip ons and raised the seat...
TIRES and Apex clip ons are next !!!

I have been riding on and off for 23+ years...
Came from a 600, 750 and then a 1200... Not too worried about track skills, my rides are mainly around town and on the few curvy back roads we have around here...
Is there an R6 throttle tube walk-through somewhere?
You guys clearly have no idea what bad tires are...lol

The Pilot Sports are one of the best tires I have ever had come on a brand new bike.

The R3 could use stiffer springs in the front, and sintered pads as well.
Interested in the mod, any DIY? I'm new to the bike world modification and seeking more power from this mean machine!
There's no walk through because it is really simple. Search on YouTube, it's the same for all modern motorcycles.
Basically, you will remove the grip now or later (compressed air helps), then open up the throttle housing (2 screws on bottom), then give some slack and disconnect your throttle cables (follow the cables to find the slack adjustment covered by a rubber sleeve), slide your throttle tube off, reverse steps to install new tube.
Okay, I ordered 2C0-26240-00-00, the 1/6 turn tube from 2006 R6 ... there seems to be more than one R6 tube available.
I think that's the right one. Theres a previous thread discussing the part number. It comes with the grip attached.
I'm actually in the middle of installing vortex clipons and I'm installing the same R6 throttle tube. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
What is the zip tie method? I searched and couldn't find it. Please let me know how that works.
What is the zip tie method? I searched and couldn't find it. Please let me know how that works.
I don't have a link, but I think I've seen it before -- basically you add a zip tip to the cable channel to increase the working diameter.
Okay, I ordered 2C0-26240-00-00, the 1/6 turn tube from 2006 R6 ... there seems to be more than one R6 tube available.
that's it. I'm still waiting on ordering mine. The price on amazon has increased by almost 10 bucks from when I first looked which is about a 30% price increase. I think everyone's buying up the inventory
There's a bunch on eBay that are more cost effective. I just couldn't tell what exactly I would be getting.
Can someone post a link of the items you need to buy to do this mod?
Since they dont have the 1/6 tube for a R3, im assuming R6 1/6 tube is the one we use which is 2C0-26240-00-00. Is all r6 tube the same or we have to get the 06? Also will this fit directly into the housing without shaving down the housings?

Found this DIY

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