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Been trying to get a smog plate for my bike here in Thailand? Webike Bangkok/Lazada/Aliexpress nothing.
Went on the Thai, R3 forums on Facebook, (there are 2) No help either?

Seen "Spears Racing" on this Forum and tried to buy.
Now I am an Ex-pat Brit with a British credit card. But my registered address is here in Thailand. So when I tried to buy from 'Spears' my Visa page went to Thai script which I cannot read. Though I can speak Thai, over the phone it is poor owing to my accent

Contacted Jesse direct and he replied. He gave me a couple of options, set up as suggested a Paypal account (Again in Thai )
But my GF was here and all done good
Today I got a message that the goods are on their way.

Thanks Jesse, you helped out good. Merry Xmas to you and all.
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