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Bike toppled over, need some repair help!

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I got my R3 around the tail end of July/beginning of August, and I've been riding it ever since without incident. Friday night there was a small accident and my bike suffered an injury.

The right side panels and muffler are scuffed up a bit and the front signaler is ripped out of the socket with the orange bulb broken off. I have the piece that broke off, and the light does still work (rode home with it like that and I could see it on), but it's just hanging from the cord. Is this something I can fix on my own? Or would it be more beneficial to take it in to the dealer?

This is my first bike so I'm looking for the easiest and most efficient way to settle this, without breaking the bank, you know. I mean, it doesn't look terrible; luckily the mirror and headlight sustained no damage whatsoever. If ordering a new signaler and installing it myself (I've only ever changed the oil on the bike so far) is something I would be able to do rather than spend more money at the dealer, I'd be fine with that. I'm not too worried about the decals and the muffler right now, but I can't very well ride around with a signaler hanging and flopping about.:(

Any help would be appreciated. I've attached some pictures below.


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I have a signal light for $30 shipped and a muffler that I was asking $90 shipped. I would do $110 shipped for both if you are interested. Put pics of the muffler up too. You may just need some of the heat shields rather than the entire muffler. That would make things considerably cheaper.

You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested.
If you go to the dealership, expect to pay at least 50% more than you would if you order things and install them up yourself.

There are a whole bunch of OEM parts online stores to order from. Although the prices vary by a few dollars between each site, in general they will be far cheaper than buying from the dealership.

If all you are doing is replacing cosmetic things and a few easy functional things, the biggest factor is time and figuring out how to remove them because most of the fairings, after unscrewing screws, are anchored down with various sliding or snapping clips and grommets and such. But all in all its easy and doable. Just have some music, a chair, and maybe a beverage of your choice.

But let's get you to ordering some parts. Find your part number first:

yamaha parts and accessories website:

The color code you need to pay attention to is SMX or Black Metallic X. That page takes you to Cowling 1. For other parts, the drop-down menu that says "Cowling 1" you need to find the directory to whatever parts you need such as "Flasher Light" which will bring you to the front signals.

Each PART # shown is an individual part you need to order. You obviously do not need to order every single part of the signal, you just need to order whatever is damaged.

So write down or copy/past each part you need to order, along with the name.

Then go to a website that sells OEM parts for cheaper than retail price. In google, just type "Yamaha OEM parts" and all the retail shops that pop up open a few of them in different tabs and do a search for the specific part number. See which ones are cheaper. You will find one site has one part cheaper, and another part more expensive than the other site. This is the norm. Its completely up to you to figure out how you will save the most money. It should be noted shipping is generally expensive, around 10-20 dollars or more. So if you build a shopping cart with all your parts, see the total cost after shipping and see which site is the cheapest.

Also many members on here have take-offs due to track builds and you can go over to:


And see if you can get lucky.
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Worry not that fairing is cheap with the factory stickers already installed.
The turn signal you can pickup an aftermarket replacement pair for the front for $9
This is definitely within the scope of a DIY project. You can repair this damage without dealer intervention.

I think thats the fairing you need for $63.71

Theres the stock signal for $37.70
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