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Black TYGA Rearsets

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TYGA rearsets. Anodized black at TYGA.
Look great, nice smooth bearings, carbon fiber heel guards.
Uses the stock brake switch.
I am not including the crappy rubber brake line they included as part of the kit. Buy a real brake line, this is going in the trash.

I have a number of positive parts sales here in the forum.
I ship same day with tracking and images of your package.
Selling to get suspension upgrades.
$200 free shipping to US 48 states. Save $75 over retail and lots of waiting time.

Hard racing installation video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epZKrPc_B8U

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Looks like a good deal. I just picked up a set directly from HR.. I missed this good Oppertunity.

Did they come anodized black? I thought they only offered them in the silver?
I asked TYGA to anodize them. It was like $40 to get it done.

Someone asked for the rear brake line.
TYGA custom rear brake line will be included.
Still for sale going on eBay on Saturday wanted to offer them up to forum members first.
These are still available. $190 shipped to US 48 states.

Brake line and installation instructions included.

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How did you like them when they were on?
How did you like them when they were on?
In standard shift pattern they are great. GP shift they could use some improvement. I can't fault TYGA for the reverse shift as they are billed as standard shift setup.

I just like reverse shift after running it so many years and just want to get back there someday :)
Pick up tomorrow?
Sure I will PM you my phone#
Just make it $180 since your saving me the shipping. Ill go in on the gas.

Edit: Sold to rito thanks for the easy sale
So, I drove the 45 miles early this morning to make the purchase. My intention was to get back and spend an hour (maybe two) installing and then getting my ride on for the rest of the day. Spent an hour or so with Bird chatting, the ride home took an hour and a half because all of last nights drinkers finally woke up and were driving with hangovers.

What should have been a simple swap turned out to be a four hour challenge. Started on the shift linkage. Pretty easy, off with the old, on with the new. Less than 30 minutes and it was done. I know the linkage is not squared off, but I just wanted to get out and ride.

Now for the brake side. Bled the system and removed OEM hose. Used an impact driver to loosen the two 5.5mm allens attached to the frame. And here the problem begins....the two 5mm allens for the heelguard were super stubborn. I tried different allen heads from three sets, all wanted to round the inside of the hole. Heat gun and CO2 worked only on the upper. Ended up rounding the hole in the lower. No problem, I'll just go buy an extractor kit at Home Depot (and some replacement bolts). Returned, drilled the bolt, hammer the extractor into the hole, turn with Crescent wrench, "CRACK", the extractor broke in the hole. Wasted time trying to drill around the broken extractor, just kept dulling and breaking drill bits. Removed the whole assembly and took it to the machine shop next door. Owner is the only one there on Saturdays working in his office, he let me use the shop. Used the drill press to drill the bolt from the back side. Worked like a charm. Install right peg assembly, attach elongated hose, fill and bleed brakes.

All in all, what should have been an hour job turned into an afternoon. Got a little ride in today. Brakes and shifting work good. Will adjust shift linkage and brake tomorrow. Since I was in such a hurry to get this project completed, I forgot to take a before pic of the brake side. Tyga website says 35mm back and 25mm up, easily seen in the before and after pix. A mild change of position when actually riding.
@Bird, Thanks for the purchase. I told you those bolts were going to be a bitch.


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Looks great! Sorry to hear about that return trip :(

Thanks for the easy sale.
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