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Warning, long post!
My name is Bobby and I am 48 yrs old. I decided to start racing for the first time in my life, with my only experience with motorcycles being 11 years of street riding and an occasional track day as a novice. In May, I took my street bike a GSX-S750 and attended Ed Bargy Racing School in Talladega Grand Prix. I graduated and looked forward to starting to race!

Now to choose a bike to race! After extensive consideration, I decide the Yamaha R3 would make the perfect race bike. I purchased the bike in July 16’. My plan was to build the bike in the off season and start in 17’ Well, that was the plan….

As I made arrangements to pick up the bike, I had already been researching aftermarket parts online and was excited to start the build. I looked at quite a few sites but the one that stood out from the rest was yamahar3racing.com. As I looked over the site, it was filled with great information about the products that he had tried and tested himself. He not only showed the results of the test but he openly showed them for everyone else, so that they could come up with their own conclusion. His site was helpful to people like myself as well as the seasoned racer.
I initially contacted yamahar3racing.com via email to discuss my build, but it didn’t take long and I was on the phone discussing the details. I had plenty of questions and Jesse answered all of them and educating me as we went. We finally came up with a build list and with the help of a shop my build began.

My experience with turning wrenches is limited, so I called, texted and emailed Jesse with all my questions. He was always quick to get back to me and made the build go quicker than I had imagined. Before I knew it I had the bike built with an opportunity to race the second to last race of the season at Road Atlanta (GA) that would not only get me on the track, but would qualify me to race in the Nationals.
I had the bike built, but no paint so I ran a primered set of plastic and my provisional novice shirt that weekend. I practiced for one day, had practice the next morning and then my first race. I finished first in Novice! My next race was a solo 16 and I got third place! The next day, I practiced again in the morning and my last race I finished fourth. Needless to say it was a great weekend!! The bike performed great, my times dropped significantly over the three days and I felt confidence in the bike.

I got back and started prepping for the next race weekend. With the help of the shop, we got the painted plastics installed and went over everything so I was ready to go. I received the invitation for the Finals in the mail and I went ahead and preregistered for the weekend. I would be racing at Barber Motorsports Park (AL), a place that is a beautiful to look at and race at! I would also meet Jesse for the first time face to face.

My weekend would consist of practice on Thursday and Friday, with races on Saturday and Sunday. Sundays race was the R3 cup. I finally met Jesse and he helped me get some loose ends taken care of before I would race. After my two days of practice, it was time to race on Saturday. I needed more seat time so I had registered to race Formula 3/ Clubman and Lightweight twins SS. I finished 15 out of 26 in Formula 3/ Clubman and 21 out of 23 in the Lightweight twins SS. On Sunday, I raced the R3 cup and finished 14 out of 16 and 5th in Novice. It was an amazing weekend and the track was as much fun as I had anticipated. I really owe Jesse and yamahar3racing a lot of credit. He and his company shortened my learning curve and created the perfect environment for me to focus on riding and not worrying about the bike!

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I'm still envious of your bike... that came out SOOOOO awesome :)
I'm thrilled to be a part of your adventure Bobby, and it was awesome meeting you and racing with you at Barber, what a blast that track is!
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