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Braided lines for ABS

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I have some good news everyone! My bike recently went in for its 6000km service and I thought I would capitalise on it being in the shop to get some special work done. And here it is! Ta-dah! Braided brake lines!

And yes, they feel a decent bit better than stock. Feels more pressure-sensitive, more brake line pressure with less brake lever pull and it doesnt seem to fade off as much under heavy braking load.

My dealer (where I got it serviced at) sent it off to Kenma Australia who are the distributor for Venhill brake lines and they custom-made up the lines from the OEM ones off my bike they sent in.


I understand for those of you not in Australia (most of you) might not be economical to get it from the same supplier I did, but I am awaiting a response from them to see if I can get the technical details from them.


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I used Venhill's on mine, so you can get them in the US, no problem.
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