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When you have opened your brake system and you are trying to bleed system back up to pressure, and you have air in your brake system, but where ?
The air pocket is between the two cups on the Master Cylinder Piston, here.

To get this pumping you need to fill this void between these two cups.
The easiest way is to take the Master Cylinder off the handle bars.
Now with Master Cylinder full and cap on, roll the Master Cylinder over so the brake line banjo is up.
Now with plenty of rags, to catch spills, take the brake line off the master cylinder, plug or hold up the brake line (third hand needed here).
Now look into the Master Cylinder brake line hole, you will see the piston and the lack of brake fluid between these two cups.( As above)
If you move the lever, no fluid comes out. Here is your problem.
Pour some brake fluid into this hole, now when you move the lever, fluid comes out.
Reassemble brake line, trying to loose as little Fluid.as possible.
Took me a long time to figure this out. (Years)

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