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Brazilian rear hugger

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It looks competitively priced, and fits well with the form of the bike overall. Ill be watching this thread, let us know the quality of the material and the fit and finish :)
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Seen it too. Was waiting for someone to bite the bullet and purchase it to see if it's good. Keep us updated. Cheers
The big problem of fiberglass parts at all is paint. To have a very good finishment, you have to use sandpapers numbers 800, than 1500, than 2000, than 2500, and than paint. After this you'll have a finishment looking like the stock one.

Not talkink about finishment, this brand has good feedback here in Brasil, I thing it's a good purchase.
Good luck.
I received the hugger and it looks really nice. Not too sure about the choice of fiberglass used but we will see how it holds up when drilling the mounting holes. The finish is excellent. Paint is a pretty close match and the chain guard is matte black. It is all one piece. There was minor damage from shipment but nothing that bothers me. For others it might. I let the seller know and they are looking into it with the post office. Sounds like the post office packaged it for them. I will update with pictures after I install it.
Please post some pics of it before the install. Keen to see how the other side looks like (not the chain guard side)
Will this help with splashing in the back after removal of the stock fender? Or is it more of a cosmetic piece?
Keep us updated! Looks to be a quality piece.
pics uploaded

Install is complete and pics can be found in this link with all my other photos. It was pretty straight forward and requires removal of small splash guard, which is easy to remove. I boogered up a hole that wasn't mark for the brake line bracket. Overall I like it and satisfied. It's still uploading so all the pics may not be in yet

That hugger looks really good. So the splash guard definitely has to come off. Hope the fibreglass holds up.
A forum member by the name of Fangshui installed a R6 hugger on his R3. Its made of ABS plastic and comes in a range of colors and even comes in a fake carbon fibre look. http://www.r3-forums.com/forum/457-r3-parts-accessories/57114-my-r3-mods-so-far-part-5a.html . Some modifications are needed with a dremel cutting tool or similar but for those on a budget or waiting for something better, it's not bad for $25 AUD. I ordered a black one and will probably cover it with carbon fibre vinyl after I modify it to make it fit my R3. When It arrives I'll post pics of the installation process, that's if I don't stuff it up and smash it to bits with a hammer to vent my frustration. Thanks Hambodian for the update, keep up the good work.
The title of your thread made me laugh. That is all.
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